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Creative Copy for European Magazine 'Kartu'


There is so much beauty to be found in a disgraceful world and one of those many enlightening things is a woman. Show respect when you see her for she is more than meets the eye. An incredible being of emotion, strength and intelligence. A deliverer of life. Natural preparers of being, born to nurture others and also in need of nurturing. She is deeply interesting. There is a story with every scar, ripple and bend of her. Her curves are valleys of depth and insight. Different textures, equivalent to gemstone and minerals. Like a mineral, a cleansing refresher in ones waves of life, bringing calmness to the storm. A gem, exciting and transparent in purity and gracefulness, that twinkles so much brighter when brought to light-- as when a woman is embraced with love and affection. As moving as she is, she has been put through turmoil. Competitions of comparison to others, rather than being appreciated for the very being that she is. She has been made an auction for the races and scrutinized to the public eye. A mockery. A symbol of sexualized content by mass media. A huge misconception has been made. The thought of woman has been reinvented by the wicked ways of mankind and we have also been brainwashed as so. Offering sex as a skillset to those undeserving when yet she contains a mind of great critical thinking. The world has steered us into solitude and teaches hatred for one another in disguise. To form separations, so bonds can be broken and we are deemed less powerful. If you remove togetherness, you remove strength, yet putting you into a vulnerable position where you can be controlled. There is beauty in encouragement and uplifting one another. There is fulfillment in togetherness and fellowship. There is great strength in bonds being formed and evil knows that. But love is also a factor and it will always win when practiced. Man is important but woman is just as so, made to be sacred and bonded. Use caution when dealing with her and approach her wisely. Do not be misconstrued. The picture I paint for you isn’t meant to enrage you, but to educate you on what woman was always meant to be seen as. Valuable.










Photos by Morta Pau

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